Impact Report

2023 – 2024

Compromiso Verde is dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable food practices in Peru, addressing the urgent challenge of climate change. Our mission is to eliminate cruelty to farmanimals, allowing them to live freely and express natural behaviors. Peru’s signifi cance in thepoultry market provides a robust foundation for our campaign.

29 Million in Cages

Targets Peru’s poultry industry, promoting cage-free practices in leading hotels, gaining extensive media coverage. We’ve secured commitments from stakeholders, transitioning 260,000 eggs annually to cage-free alternatives.

Media Achievements

Reached 2.28 million people with media, having 128 publications with Cusco’s eff orts reaching 320 thousand individuals.

Internation Commitments

We collaborate with the Corporate Animal Commitment Monitor (MICA) and support campaigns by the Open Wing Alliance and Fundacion veg. Monthly meetings with organizations like Sinergia Animal and ARBA
accelerate our strategic eff orts.

Producer training

Empowered 71 stakeholders with  comprehensive training in animal welfare and cage-free production. By investing in education, we’re driving positive change across the agricultural sector.

Volunteer engagement

Expanding our volunteer network to six cities, we’ve trained 232 volunteers, enhancing our impact and reach across the region.

Foundation and People

We’ve prioritized nurturing our team, enhancing our organizational culture, and establishing recognition tools to foster collaboration and  dherence to our values.



eggs per year to cage-free alternatives


companies contacted​





Shapping the future

In 2024, we aim to catalyze a paradigm shift in Peru’s poultry industry and expand initiatives to additional countries in Latin America. Through effective altruism principles, we’re igniting transformative change in the agricultural sector.

Dive into our report to witness our transformative journey towards sustainability and join us in shaping a future where ethics and sustainability guide food production.

Your support is invaluable and drives us forward with determination and ambition.